Local Party Supply Rentals in Calimesa

At Party Plus Rentals, we are well known for being the premier regional party rental service in Calimesa. Due to the fact that we are a one-stop shop for any party supplies you might require, our locally-run and owned business has earned the repeat loyalty of our clientele. You can feel secure knowing that you’ll always receive the superior service you deserve because our trustworthy company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. When you need assistance planning an exceptional and unforgettable event, you can always count on our amiable, professional, and reliable crew. We have everything you need to make your event a wonderful gathering, whether you’re planning a big wedding, a lively kids’ party, or a small, private gathering. We consider it an honor to demonstrate to our clients how we differ from other local vendors of party supplies, and we believe you’ll quickly understand why our customers keep coming back to us for their party rentals.

Party Rental Supplies

We have all the equipment you could possibly need to host an amazing event at Party Plus Rentals. You’ll discover much more than you ever imagined at our party rental service in Calimesa thanks to our wide selection of premium party equipment rentals, our highly-trained and helpful team, and our full-service approach. We’ll find ways to support you in pulling everything off beautifully, no matter what style you gravitate toward or what your budget is!


Effective illumination has several positive effects. It improves safety, makes certain that every photograph taken at your event is of the finest quality, and ensures that all the party details you diligently prepared will be fully appreciated by your attendees. Our selection of lighting includes strobe lights, extension cords, lighting truss systems for stages, park lights, generators, candles, spotlights, a variety of general and string light options, and light towers.


You can draw attention and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience using a beautiful fountain. We offer several stunning beverage fountain designs as well as chocolate fountains that will unquestionably steal the show on your dessert table.


Everyone will have a great time when you give your guests a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy the drink of their choice. You can match any party decor, from cozy and rustic to trendy and modern to casual and intimate, with our selection of bars and barstools.


Our glassware options provide every dining setting with a harmonized and lovely appearance while being distinctly practical. With the aid of our magnificent beverage glasses, mirrors, glasses, plates, carafes, glasses, and other accessories, your gathering will feel well-organized and lovely in no time.

Dessert Stands

Use one of our chic, useful dessert stands to display your elegant, delectable desserts. Make your dessert table a standout element of your party with the help of our cake stands, cupcake stands, and cake pop stands.


Our furniture is the greatest way to leave your guests in awe when you want to throw an incomparably luxurious and stylish event. You can benefit from using our sectionals and lounge chairs to design a cozy, cozy, and incredibly elegant space. Whether you’re arranging a living room-like lounge area or giving your guests the VIP treatment, our collection will provide the perfect place for you and your guests to sit down, converse, and live in the moment.


Giving your event a coordinated look calls for matching, high-quality linens. Our inventory includes more than 30 color choices, making it simple to find a design that matches your preferences and the theme of your event. It’s easy to get a professional and coordinated look with our linen selection, which includes chair covers, table skirts, cloth napkins, and tablecloths in a range of styles.

Heating and Cooling

The only way to be entirely prepared for an outdoor event given the risk of unforeseen weather changes is to make heating or cooling plans. If you anticipate a very warm day, we have fans and coolers that are intended to keep your guests cool and comfortable. In order to keep the party going when chilly weather is expected, we advise setting up a forced air heater or a portable patio heater.


No party is complete without balloons, so you’ll need plenty of helium for your upcoming event. All you need to do is supply the balloons of your choice, and we’ll make sure you have all the helium you need! Together with helium tanks in various sizes, we also provide vibrant curling ribbon. If you’re using air-filled balloons rather than helium-filled ones to make an arch or another balloon design, one of our handy balloon fillers will save you a ton of time and effort.

Beverage Services

Our beverage serveware will ensure that all of your family and friends stay hydrated, happy, and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a tea set for a sophisticated breakfast, an ice chest to keep your bottled or canned drinks, or drink dispensers for your refreshment table, we can satisfy all of your demands with our party event rental assortment.


Our variety of flatware is the ideal addition to your meticulously arranged table settings, so there’s no need to make your guests use delicate, unsightly plasticware. Our silverware comes in many colors, and our serving utensils are the perfect way to give your buffet a polished and sophisticated look.


It would be exceedingly difficult to end up with too many tables at an event. Any party will require a lot of tables, regardless of how you plan to utilize them – for serving, displays, guest dining, or as a place to put gifts. We offer tables in different shapes, sizes, and styles, as well as linens and umbrellas, to suit your unique design aesthetic.


Our fantastic grills can help you throw a casual cookout. To help you prepare all the delicious things you adore, we provide gas grills, pancake griddles, backup propane tanks, single burners, and more.


Maybe you’re looking for a great location for your wedding band to perform, or maybe you’re planning a special performance at your gathering. Stages are a terrific addition to a variety of events, including pageants, live entertainment, and competitions.


A projector is a great addition to your event, whether you want to play engaging videos or stage an elaborate outdoor movie night. Our projection screens and projectors are the best way to transform your event space into a presentation-friendly environment and your back yard into a real drive-in theater.


You can set the scene for a classy and enjoyable mealtime experience with our collection of beautiful China. We provide a variety of dinnerware, from plain, simple white plates to eye-catching patterns. With the help of our first-rate dishware selection, your event will feel refined, well-planned, and elevated.


It’s important to give your event the ideal finishing touches, and choosing the right decor can help you accomplish that goal. Our local party supply rentals are certain to make any occasion into a professionally-produced celebration, including backdrops, plants, and eye-catching chairs.


Your major event must include the most intriguing and impressive props because you are known as a unique and unmatched party host. We carry special ribbon-cutting scissors, dramatic hoop backgrounds, romantic rose walls, tropical tikis, boho rattan chairs, fun prize wheels, rustic wine barrels, and more!


You must have plenty of our chic chairs on hand if you want to ensure that each guest at your event has a comfortable place to land. Choose between kids’ chairs, high chairs, bistro chairs, folding chairs, chair covers in many lovely fabric colors, and rustic chairs.


Canopies are a great way to shield your guests from the sun and rain, and they also give you a ton of design alternatives for your event. With our top-notch canopies, you can pick from a range of designs and sizes to get the one that best suits your needs.

Food Services

When organizing a party, it’s important to take into account all the less-than-glamorous aspects that keep things going. Our food service supply inventory includes necessities like bus tubs, salt and pepper shakers, trash cans, food warmers, cocktail trays, and so much more. Don’t overlook the seemingly insignificant details because they can enhance your event just as much as stylish decor and trendy attire!

Sound Systems

How can your guests completely appreciate the music at your event without a top-notch sound system?! With the help of our first-rate party equipment rentals in Calimesa, you can get whatever you need to play the best music, support unique speeches and significant announcements, and more.


You can successfully prevent the weather from ruining your meticulously-planned outdoor event by using a useful and stylish umbrella. The sun will be kept out of everyone’s eyes, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

Floor Coverings

Roll out the red carpet for your loved ones or keep the party comfortable, well-coordinated, and pretty with astroturf. Our floor coverings are the best solution to conceal any outdoor flooring or surfaces that don’t match your color palette and design, complete your party’s full vision, and produce a sophisticated, harmonious setting.

Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are a key part of a buffet-style meal since they enable you to present the food in a visually appealing and functional way. We provide chafers in a multitude of styles and sizes, making it easy for you to serve your guests a delicious dinner in style.

Dance Floors

You can get everyone up from their seats and give them priceless experiences with our dance floors. A large dance floor is appropriate for events with a large number of guests, while a smaller dance floor is best for events that are more private and intimate. We also provide spotlights and mirror balls to finish the look and create a festive ambiance.

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