Local Party Supply Rentals in Upland

At Party Plus Rentals, we are widely regarded as Upland’s top local party rental service. A large number of our customers have returned time and time again to our locally-owned and operated business because we’re a one-stop shop for any party supplies you could ever need. Since our reputable business is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, you can count on us to continue giving you the first-rate service you deserve. When you need assistance planning an exceptional and unforgettable event, you can always count on our amiable, professional, and reliable crew. Whether you’re planning a lavish wedding, a small, intimate celebration, a kid’s birthday party, or something else altogether, we have the ideal resources to make your event an extraordinarily memorable experience. It’s our honor to prove to our customers exactly what distinguishes us from other party supply companies in the area, and we think you’ll soon see just why our clients rely on us for their party rentals over and over again!

Party Rental Supplies

Party Plus Rentals has all the supplies you’ll need to put together a special celebration. Because of our extensive range of high-quality party equipment rentals, our friendly and accommodating personnel, and our full-service mindset, you’ll find everything you want and more when you choose our party rental service in Upland. Our versatile crew can work with any budget and create a beautiful event that suits any style preferences!


To give your event a professional and cohesive look, you should use high-quality, matching linens. With our range of more than 30 colors, you can choose a shade that goes beautifully with your preferred color palette. Our linens come in a range of styles and include chair covers, tablecloths, table skirts, and cloth napkins for a polished, unified appearance.


Opt for a stylish and useful umbrella to shield guests at your outside event from the sun. Everyone will be more motivated to unwind and have a great time if the sun is kept out of their eyes.

Sound Systems

You can’t dance like nobody’s watching if you don’t have an excellent sound system at your disposal! With the aid of our first-rate party equipment rentals in Upland, you can play the music of your choice, deliver passionate speeches and important announcements, and do so much more.


You’re a unique and incomparable party host, which means you need the most captivating and statement-making props at your big event. Choose from boho rattan chairs, special ribbon-cutting scissors, romantic rose walls, tropical tikis, exciting prize wheels, rustic wine barrels, dramatic hoop backgrounds, and more!

Floor Coverings

A red carpet welcome will make everyone feel like royalty, and astroturf will give your party an orderly, cozy, and clean vibe. Our floor coverings are the perfect way to tie together your party’s general theme, create a chic, harmonious environment, and cover any external floors or surfaces that don’t match your color and design scheme.

Dessert Stands

You’ll likely be serving the tastiest and most beautiful desserts at your event, so it’s only right that you give them a breathtaking display with our practical and stylish dessert stands. With the help of our cake stands, cupcake stands, and cake pop stands, you can turn your dessert table into a memorable part of your celebration.


Thanks to our stylish and comfortable assortment of chairs, every guest at your event will feel right at home. Choose between high chairs, kids’ chairs, chair covers in a wide variety of fabric colors, bistro chairs, rustic chairs, and folding chairs.

Dance Floors

With the aid of our assortment of dance floors, you’ll get everyone up from their seats and leave them all with lifelong memories. You can go for a huge dance floor to keep the entire guest list entertained or a small dance floor for more intimate occasions. We also offer mirror balls and spotlights to finish the design and create a festive atmosphere.


It’s all in the details, and the right decor will give your event all the eye-catching finishing touches it needs. With the help of our local party supply rentals, which include backdrops, attractive plants, and eye-catching chairs, any event can be transformed into a well-planned soiree.


Not only are our glassware solutions very practical, but they also give your table a professional and coordinated appearance. Your gathering will feel well-organized and beautiful in no time with the help of our spectacular beverage glasses, mirrors, glasses, plates, carafes, glasses, and other accessories.


When it comes to tables at an event, it would be difficult to end up with too many. You’ll need plenty of tables to pull off your event, whether you use them for gifts, food display, guest dining, or another practical purpose. We offer tables in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and we also carry linens and umbrellas to create a cohesive look.


Without one of our top-quality grills, you can’t enjoy a casual cookout. With the aid of our single burners, pancake griddles, propane grills, backup propane tanks, and other cooking utensils, you can quickly and conveniently create all your favorite foods and serve them to your loved ones.


Our furniture is the best way to impress your guests if you want to host a truly upscale event. Our sectionals and lounge chairs will produce a perfectly classy atmosphere that is both warm and intimate. These pieces, which work perfectly in any space from VIP areas to living room-style lounge areas, will encourage you and your guests to unwind, relax, and have fun.


Canopies are a great choice if you want to organize a beautifully-decorated event while also protecting your guests from the sun and rain. Our canopies are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to select a tent that matches your preferences and has space for everyone.


Allowing your visitors to decompress, unwind, and have a beverage or two will ensure that they have a lovely time. You can match any party style, from warm and rustic to stylish and modern to casual and relaxing, with our selection of bars and barstools.


You can create a spectacular and sumptuous dining experience using our selection of China. We offer both conventional, solid white plates and gorgeous, distinctive varieties in our assortment of dinnerware. Your gathering will instantly feel more seamless, attractive, and well-organized thanks to our unrivaled assortment of dishware.


Instead of using delicate plasticware, choose our flatware, which is more durable, much more upscale, and won’t clash with your exquisite table settings. To make your buffet look elegant and tasteful, choose our serving utensils and silverware.


Several factors make effective event lighting crucial. Not only does it allow your guests to fully appreciate all those party details you pored over, but it also ensures that every photo from your event will be well-lit and high-quality and that your guests will stay safe throughout the evening. Our lighting options include many types of string and general lighting, park lights, candles for a moody vibe, spotlights, strobe lights, light towers, extension cords, generators, and even lighting truss systems for stage settings.

Beverage Services

You can maintain the comfort and hydration of guests of all ages by using our beverage serveware. Everything you could possibly need is available in our party event rental catalog, including beverage dispensers for a refreshment table, ice chests for all of your canned or bottled drinks, and tea sets for an elegant tea time.

Food Services

If you don’t organize your party with practical considerations in mind, issues will surely arise. Our food service inventory includes must-haves like bus tubs, cocktail trays, food warmers, salt and pepper shakers, trash cans, and more. The small elements shouldn’t be ignored because they have a big impact on how well your event goes.


No party would be complete without balloons, so you’ll need a lot of helium for your next event. All you have to do is supply the balloons of your choice because we’ll make sure you have all the helium you need! Together with a selection of helium tanks, we also provide vibrant curling ribbon. If you’re building an arch or other similar balloon design with air-filled balloons (instead of helium-filled ones), one of our useful balloon fillers will save you plenty of effort and time!

Heating and Cooling

It’s crucial to prepare for the weather by planning for heating or cooling for your outdoor event because the elements can be unpredictable. We have coolers and fans ready to keep your guests cool and comfortable if the weather forecast calls for high temperatures. In order to guarantee that your event goes as planned in chilly weather, we advise using a forced air heater or a portable patio heater.


Perhaps you’re looking for a great location where your wedding band can play, or perhaps you’re organizing a special performance for your event. Pageants, live performances, and competitions are all lifted (literally!) to new heights with the addition of stages.


Your family and friends can have a great time, and your party will go down in history, thanks to a conversation-starting fountain. We provide chocolate fountains that will spruce up your dessert table, as well as beverage fountains in a range of styles to assist you in serving beverages in a creative way.

Chafing Dishes

If you plan to serve your party guests from a buffet, chafing dishes are the ideal way of keeping your food warm and presenting it attractively. You can effortlessly feed your friends and family a delectable meal with the help of our assortment of chafers, which come in a range of sizes and styles.


A projector is a fantastic way to make any event spectacular and unique, whether you want to host a relaxing outdoor movie night or display a slideshow of images and videos. The ideal way to turn your event area into a presentation-friendly setting or your backyard into a genuine drive-in theater is with our projector screens and projectors.

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